Two Aes
  • Number of audio channels to and from computer - tablet: 2 input and 4 output
               2 AES EBU Ins - 2 AES EBU Outs
               2 Analog Headphone Outs. Hardware internal mixer
  • Sampling rates: 32 Khz - 192 Khz
  • Bit depth: 24 bit max
  • Connections: AES3 ( XLR 110 Ohm ) and AES42 digital microphones interface suporting Mode 1 and 2
  • Clock mode: Slave to the input recovered clock and Internal master
  • DC Power: USB connected to a computer - the unit draws power from the USB or the DC plug
  • Analog Output: High quality analog headphones out that can be feed from: USB, AES signal out or AES input, user selectable from software mixer - control panel. Default is feeded from on AES input
  • Stand alone Mode: When the unit is powered from the from the DC input and has no USB connection it runs in stand alone mode and routs the active AES signal to the output and headphones out
  • Channel Status Data: the units reads Channel status data and displays it in the ALMx 5.1 Software
  • User Data: Implementation of MIDI over AES on input and output ( for later release )
  • Controls and signalling on the actual unit:
               Headphones Volume
               Input AES3 or AES42 mode LED
               Lock or Unlocked condition LED
               Clock source: AES or Internal LED
Two Aes
All units come bundled with our ALMx5.1 Loudness and True Peak Meter and Logger and ALM5.1LE Loudness Meter Plugin. This gives our clients the oportunity to have a higly futured Loudness Meter and Logger at a franction of the costs of a hardware unit with the same rich features set
Use cases
  • AES-EBU USB 2.0 Audio interface for computer
  • High quality, features rich, stereo Loundness Meter and Logger at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated hardware one using a computer or a tablet
  • AES 42 USB 2.0 Audio interface for recording into computer audio from digital microphones
  • AES42 to AES convertor for using digital microphones in conjunction with digital mixers without AES42 interface. Most mixers do not have AES42 input
  • AES-EBU to Analog out from the headphones jack. Can be use as a testing box for AES-EBU cables
  • High quality USB audio DAC for headphone playback
  • With MIDI over AES the 2 units can be use to send Audio and MIDI data between two computers
Two Aes