Sonoric Instruments is a creative design and manufacturing company offering a 360° service. Sonoric is able to handle a project from concept through to delivery with all the stages in between, making Sonoric a true ‘one-stop’ solution manufacturing partner.
Sonoric can take care of the software aspect of a product, such as:
  • Programming algorithms
  • Programming embedded solutions
  • Programming and designing user interfaces
These specific skills are usually spread across a number of knowledge bases requiring a client to source each one individually to achieve their aims. Sonoric provides each of these services in-house as part of the package.
Digital and analogue development including ARM and XMOS microcontrollers.
Sonoric can take care of the manufacturing side of things too, from CNC, moulded products, bespoke casings (metal work), on-body printing/screen printing, PCB’s etc ensuring a full production service without the need to source external manufacturers.
Product Testing and Certification
An important part of the overall process is of course testing and certification. Again, this is all part of the complete package from Sonoric.
Packaging and shipping
Once the product has been designed, manufactured and tested, Sonoric can also take care of the packaging and get the product delivered to a destination of your choice. A true 360° Solution.
A lot of the process will take place in Romania. Romania has many more benefits when compared with the nightmare that is still China. Romania is closer geographically, has a more European outlook than other countries in the Far East, has the technical knowledge, the manufacturing capability and above all is cost effective.